Naming a brand is a unique task to take on. It requires you to research and distill thousands of ideas through the perspective of your audience. The problem is, most marketers don't have time outside of their regular duties to sift through sentiment, definitions, and legal documents in order to find the best fitting name.

Businesses, products, brands and bands, boats and goats, cats and kittens, web domains, hurricanes—Identical names it all so you're never stuck with the wrong one.

B2B. DTC. CPG. WTF. Our expertise spans all industries and acronyms. We’ve worked in advertising, SEO, strategy and creative since the iPhone 1.

Let's engineer the right words to represent your brand, express your ideas, and lead online searches to you. Contact Identical to start seeing things from your audience's POV.


We're obsessed with helping brands say all the right things at all the right times.
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Joe Nafziger
Jen Nafziger
Copywriting Director
Tim Billick, Esq.
Intellectual Property Counsel
Matt Gossman
Information Technology Director
Years experience
We cut our teeth at ad agencies and in-house marketing teams. Today, we partner with these types of companies.
Happy clients
We've written brand messaging for billion-dollar corps and local plant stores and happily serve businesses of all sizes.
Failed attempts
Catching sight of a great brand name can only happen when we stand atop a pile of good ones. Quantity reveals quality.
Company Values

Uninspired names and long-winded copy are insulting to people spending time with a brand. What we write is a better experience for all.


Whether naming a start-up, rebranding luxury travel, or recording radio for yogurt, we dive deep into subject matter in search of absorbing everything possible.


Be open to the unexpected and unconventional. Do you think everyone loved the name “Dirty” for a potato chip brand the first time they saw it?


Being honest and direct with feedback, notes, and critiques keeps us creating smarter work. But it's never an excuse to not be nice.


We're lucky to get to spend time thinking, learning, and helping others bring their ideas to life. There is a shared trust that we cannot appreciate enough.


There's a time to focus everything on working the answer, and there's a time to let your subconscious take over while you go play pickleball in the sunshine.