Naming Services

Discovery Questionnaire - Private, custom survey to be individually answered by a max of five internal respondents

All Hands Review - Live discussion of questionnaire results; sharing name ideas; likes and dislikes; (all parties with name veto power to be present)

Opportunity Report - Identical audits discussion results, screens names that might have come out of it, and provides a brand summary with recommendations for next steps for naming


Diagnostic - Namestorm phase begins once the discovery questionnaire has been completed and the All Hands Review notes have been evaluated

Naming Workshop - Identical facilitates a session for 6-15 people (internal and agency members), resulting in dozens and hundreds of names, choosing favorites and discussing pros/cons

Potential Options - Screen workshop names for existing conflicts, explore initial trademark viability, and share a list of prospective brand names that could be shared with an IP attorney


Namestorm - Name generation by Identical starts once diagnostic has been completed and names created during the workshop have been screened and vetted

Research + Development - Through the use of linguistic tools and efficient research, namers amass and a trove of potential brand names and ideas

Winners List - Receive ~20 name possibilities, already screened for initial trademark and URL availability, available to move forward to trademark attorney (additional rounds optional)


Advanced Screening - IP attorney runs legal searches on desired name options, steering clear of conflicts

Application Management - USPTO documents are filled out according to best practices, finalized with your input, and submitted to the Dept of Commerce on your behalf

Mark Finalization - Identical legal team manages communications with USPTO trademark reviewers, and acts as your liaison with the institution, keeping you up to speed

The science behind a second opinion

Anyone on your team might come up with a great name. But how do you go about coaxing it out of them? Instead of tasking internal people with an added side-project, allow Identical to manage your naming process. We generate hundreds of name options in a few weeks time, helping you discover the future vessel of your reputation.

Sample Names
Chobani Champions

As they quickly grew to a billion-dollar yogurt company, this upstate New York dairy was launching the first Greek yogurt for kids.


A nice vacation is unforgettable. A $250,000 vacation is unaffordable—for most, anyway. For clients of this ultra-luxury travel planner, they pay big to discover someplace new.


A micro-investment platform paying dividends for doing the right thing—real estate that uses solar energy to completely offset its own carbon footprint.


Sugar kills more people than tobacco and alcohol and is found in 80% of foods. This nutrition program helps you break away from a spell you didn’t know you had fallen under.


This start-up is making legendary advances in medical technology. As a global team of experts, Significo uses data to create greater healthcare experiences for both patients and providers.


As US states legalize cannabis, more children are "overdosing" on their parent's edibles. COTO, meaning "preserve" in Spanish, makes locking, air-tight containers.


A pioneer in standing workspaces, Readydesk offers posture-perfect desks. The US-manufacturer wanted a brand that represented preparation and hard work.


A breakthrough in disposable paper packaging for foods and beverages, Opticycle is 98% renewable and uses substantially less material to achieve a liquid barrier.


Named after the dining hall of a 1950s upstate NY resort, Brickmans restaurant brings the ambiance of an everyday bar and grill with elevated food and cocktails.

Lakehouse Sail Club

A rarity in Southern California, this full-service marina gets guests closer to nature—all from the edge of a beautiful lakeside resort.

Launching 2024

A 20-year-old supplement company needed a new way to express the benefits while teaching how "boosting" immunity isn't as good as keeping it level.

*By Appointment Only*

Due to trademark confidentiality, some names can only be shared privately. Please contact Identical to discuss how our naming experience overlaps with your industry.

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